Project Triage

Are you fixing the rights things? Jumpstart growth while defining the process and building the bench, teamwork, and quality. One Goal. One Team. One Day.

Coaching for Achieving More

As leadership goes, so goes the organization. Optimize and accelerate with certified management development and coaching.  Either one-on-one or as a group or as a cross-industry peer group, the focus is on a cycle of learning, sharing, applying, and achieving. The agenda is helping each other grow to achieve and enjoy more, professionally and personally.

Since 1993

Achieve and enjoy more together

As an organizational leader, you're steering the ship in the right direction away from obstacles and towards opportunity, but you can't sail the company by yourself. You need a crew that is on-board, able, and fully engaged.

In the work world today, less than a third of U.S. employees consider themselves fully engaged. Imagine how much more could be achieved and enjoyed, if everyone on your team was engaged, empowered, and aligned.

It starts with an organizational operating system that builds the culture to achieve and succeed...together.

Caribbean Sea between St. Thomas and St. John, US Virgin Islands - March 30, 2014: sailing crew on a sailboat "Falcon" (USA) racing in 2014 St. Thomas International Regatta

Are you aligned for success?

Find out how aligned your management and organization are for success with a complimentary assessment.

The Power Within

If you don't ask, they won't tell. If you don't share, they won't know.

When we work with teams to jump-start goals, it's surprising how quickly they identify obstacles and solutions. It's as if they knew them all along.

At the end of the day, we ask for feedback on their experience. The number one positive response we get is "management asked for our input." Second is "it helps to see the whole picture."

Does your team see the whole picture? Have you sought their insights on what needs improvement and how? Are you leveraging your power within?