It’s Not About the Process

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A lot of my friends and family don’t understand what I do for a living. They think I lead teams to document their processes. In fact, I do, but that’s about 10% of it. In the same day that our clients map their process, they also identify what needs to be fixed to achieve their big goals and the solutions to get there.

Perhaps showing a picture would explain it better. I received this photo today from one of my clients and it made my heart sing.

This team posted their Process Triage® results. Then, they took it a step further in committing to make it happen. They posted a Progress Board for everyone in the company to see. The board shows % complete on each of the solutions and which ones are 100% done. They named the improvement program Make It Better 2019.

What I saw in the upper right-hand corner of the Board is what really got me, though. I knew then that they understood the purpose behind doing Process Triage.  Zooming in on that corner, it says,

Leadership is not about being the Best. Leadership is about making everyone else Better.

When I facilitate teams through a Process Triage workshop, it isn’t just about improving the process. It’s about equipping the team to handle Maximum Business Process Stress. The ONLY way to do that is to build a cohesive, situationally aware, emotionally smarter, business savvy organization while they’re at it.

I’m looking forward to seeing many more pictures from this team as they celebrate success along the way.