The SIC Principle for Making IT Happen

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You’ve heard of the KISS principle. The SIC principle is better.

It’s Monday morning and you get up with thoughts of a great week. This is the week you’re going to make progress on streamlining your business processes or you’re going to start exercising daily or you’re going to start writing that book. Monday ends and no progress, Tuesday comes and goes, and before you know it’s Monday again.   

What went wrong? Or better yet, how could it go right?

The problem with big projects is getting started. And, the challenge with getting started, is feeling like you can do it.                                                            

Start Simple – It’s not about keeping it simple, it’s about starting simple. One foot in front of the other. Sitting down at your desk and starting a list. One focus at a time. Doing it manually, before you automate it.

Make it Intentional – There’s no point in doing anything, if you don’t know what you want and why you want it. You don’t have to know how you’re going to get there yet, just what success looks like when you get there.

Be Consistent – Rarely will it work, stick, or get the results you want the first time.. or the second time or the third time. But little by little, if you’re consistent in “doing” and moving forward, you’re going to get better and further, until one day you’re there.

Ask anybody who got a college degree after working all day or learned to play an instrument later in life. The most important steps to making IT happen were knowing what they wanted, signing up, then consistently showing up.

So, if you’re having difficulty making IT happen, try making it SIC.